Storm warning: Another blast of snow and ice expected to pummel Hamilton

Snow and blowing snow are expected to begin as early as 2 a.m. Tuesday with strong winds gusting 40 to 80 km/h and reducing visibility for motorists right up to around 10 a.m. — likely making the morning rush hour commute another tense one, and turning highways, roads and sidewalks icy and slippery.

The snow is expected to turn into ice pellets until about 3 p.m., when the precipitation is expected to change to freezing rain.

“It’s potentially one of the bigger winter storms yet, said Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips, calling it a blockbuster storm that will hit all of eastern Canada.

And there’s much improvement afterwards.

“We’re talking just a miserable week,” Phillip says. “All week, you are not going to see the sun.”

Worse, with all the freezing rain and strong winds, ice is likely to adhere to tree branches making them more likely to snap and if they hit wires carrying electricity, we can expect power outages, he said.

“The only good news is temperatures are not painfully cold,” says Phillips.

Expect a temperature high on Tuesday of minus 1 C, but feeling like minus 12 with the wind chill in the morning.

Tuesday’s expected storm follows already foul weather last week that created havoc and cancelled school for two days.

City of Hamilton road crews have been monitoring both road and weather conditions since Monday, and still has plenty of salt left to apply to icy surfaces.

The city has also already cancelled a Waterdown community meeting Tuesday evening because the storm warning is calling for icy conditions and freezing rain at the time of the event, which was to discuss planning and transportation studies.

Hamilton’s school boards meanwhile, have already had three snow days this year in which they closed their schools for the day due to the weather. There were two consecutive days last week, with the third being on Jan. 29.

“This is the first time in recent memory that we’ve had to close for two days in a row because of weather,” said Catholic board spokesperson Marnie Jadon.

The only time that the three days so far has been surpassed since 2011 was four cancelled school days in all of 2013.

There was only one cancelled school day in 2018.

Parents and students are to check the public board’s website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts by 6 a.m. Tuesday to find out if school is cancelled again.

The Catholic board needs to be checked at 7 a.m., although it generally posts on its board and school websites by 6:30 a.m. regarding whether school is cancelled for the day.

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905-526-3392 | @CarmatTheSpec