Stolen classic Model T returned to Flamborough owner

It was lifted between mid-March and June 20, police noted in an appeal to the public for information late last month.

Pegg now lives in a retirement home in Ancaster but the Millgrove property has been rented out, Schroeder said.

She said her son posted an appeal on social media about the stolen Model T and listed his contact information.

About two weeks ago, they fielded a call from an unidentified stranger saying the car would be returned for a price.

“I said, ‘Well, when I get the car, you’ll get some money,” Schroeder said.

But he didn’t call back.

Then on Tuesday, another call from an unidentified stranger, and on Wednesday, a deal was struck to pick up the vehicle if police weren’t involved.

They found the Model T at Safari Road and Brock Road on Thursday in tact. “Well, I tell ya, I didn’t think we’d ever see it again,” Schroeder said.

She figures the culprits caved under the spotlight of media coverage. “A lot of people were watching for it.”

Schroeder can only speculate as to whether the caller was involved but said she wasn’t scared about the cloak-and-dagger mission.

“What have I got to lose?” she reasoned.

Stewart said he’s “not faulting” the family for not contacting police, noting the Model T was a valued family heirloom.

But he noted police don’t recommend brokering such potentially risky deals, either.

With no leads, no contact info, Stewart added, the investigation is likely over. “It’s literally a dead end.”

Schroeder, whose husband has power of attorney over Pegg, said her uncle once operated a landscaping company. He also owns a vintage tractor he’d take to shows.

She said Pegg has seen a good deal of tragedy in his time. “Jimmy has had a rough life.”

He lost a daughter. His wife died of cancer. In 2005, son Shannon died at 32 when methane gas overcame him while he cleaned the septic tank of a truck.

Schroeder and her husband plan to keep the vehicles secure until Pegg’s daughter-in-law and children move into his Millgrove home.

The classic vehicles will be the kids’ inheritance. “He figures it’s his legacy to them.”

905-526-3264 | @TeviahMoro

905-526-3264 | @TeviahMoro