Salvation Army testing portable debit and credit machines in Hamilton

This should put a little metal in their kettles.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle campaign is testing debit and credit portable machines at Lime Ridge Mall and Eastgate Square this month as part of a pilot project in nine communities in Ontario.

It means people at those locations will be able to make donations with debit or credit cards. The other 35 kettles across Hamilton will remain cash only.

“We’re testing it out this year. In Hamilton, we just took two machines to try it,” said Salvation Army spokesperson Dan Millar.

“We have had a lot of people telling us they don’t carry cash and we should have other ways.

“This is just another way to donate. People asked for so we decided to try it … You put the total of how much you would like to donate, and you just tap with your card.”

The goal this year is $410,000 in Hamilton, the same as last year.

The other Ontario cities taking part in the pilot project are London, Oakville, Cambridge, North Bay, Georgetown, Milton, Sudbury and Listowel.

The kettle campaign is a fundraising effort that takes place each year during the Christmas season. Kettles are found in 2,000 locations across Canada and provide a chance for the public to donate to the Salvation Army during the Christmas season and throughout the year.

Online donations can be made at