'Please stop calling 911 for raccoon complaints': Norfolk OPP

Provincial police are again reminding the public that having a raccoon in your yard is not an emergency.

Norfolk County OPP say they received a call around 2:16 p.m. Saturday about a raccoon in someone’s backyard.

“Police are continuing to being inundated with calls for service after people are spotting raccoons on their property during the day,” according to a media release from the detachment. 

Police say it’s a “common myth” that seeing a raccoon walking around when the sun is up means the animal is automatically sick or has rabies. While the animals tend to be most active at night, they can also come out during the day if they’re woken up or searching for food.

“The OPP does not have the equipment to trap and house live animals or transport wild animals,” said detachment commander Insp. Joseph Varga, in the release.

“Calling 911 for raccoons ties up the phone lines at the communications center, wastes taxpayer money, ties up law enforcement officers and threatens lives. A private animal removal service should be contacted instead of calling 9-1-1.”