Parents ‘devastated’ after 4-year-old drowns in east Hamilton backyard pool

Police say a four-year old boy's parents may have been distracted and lost track of their son Saturday night, before finding him dead in their backyard swimming pool at about 7 p.m.

Detective Sergeant Steve Bereziuk said the parents and extended family is "devastated" from the loss.

The family's house, which is on Edgemont St. N., near Dunsmure Road, a 15-minute walk from Gage Park, was cluttered from major renovations inside.

The pool is above-ground, and the winter cover had been taken off that same day. Residual water was in the pool, it had not yet been topped up.

The boy climbed a few steps to access the pool and either fell in or lowered himself into the water.

"He loved to swim," said Bereziuk. "He was taking swimming lessons. Maybe he was excited because the pool was being opened. We don't know."

The parents called 911 and performed CPR on their son. Firefighters and paramedics arrived to help and he was taken by ambulance to Hamilton General Hospital. He was pronounced dead an hour later, at about 8 p.m.

The police officer met with the boy's mother and father at the hospital. There is also a large extended family in mourning.

"It's a tragic incident, and coming on Father's Day weekend ... very sad," he said.

He added that the parents have asked police not to release the boy's name.

The incident is a coroner's investigation and the autopsy was conducted Sunday morning, with a police officer present by protocol.

The Hamilton Police Homicide Unit is assisting with the investigation but he said they don't suspect foul play is involved.

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