Cogeco complaints up 359 per cent this year

“No one did get back to me. So when they say a manager will call, there is no way they will call.”

Most aggravating for Simard is that he has no other option to Cogeco internet services. In his area of town, Bell only offers satellite TV, he says.

Deborah McPhee of St. Catharines said it took a drastic move on her part to stop Cogeco’s collections from calling.

“Each time I went through the story, repeatedly, they would totally understand it was not my fault, left me feeling it would be resolved, but did nothing to resolve it.”

Michelle Dube, of Hamilton, says she is “very, very disgusted” at the way she was treated, and that Cogeco is still allowed to be in business.

“I called about 10 times for weeks and weeks. I could not contact one single person,” she says about her internet trouble. “Once I waited five hours (on the phone).

She is not at all surprised that complaints went up 359 per cent.

She finally got fed up and switched to Bell, but Cogeco kept billing her. Now she warns everyone not to authorize payments for TV, internet and phone services through automatic withdrawal at the bank. Even her bank manager has since advised her to never do that, she says.

Cogeco Connexion, formerly known as just Cogeco, has the second largest number of cable customers in Ontario and Quebec, according to the company’s website.

The company has 782,000 internet customers in Ontario and Quebec, says Beausejour.

Beausejour invites customers still having issues to phone Cogeco’s call centres — and says that today, the average wait time is one minute, with a maximum of 10 in some periods.

Customers can also contact Cogeco’s social media support on its Facebook and Twitter pages, he says.

The complaints commission received 546 complaints — 443 from Ontario. It has been able to resolve 340 so far.

The commission received 4,734 complaints about Bell Canada, one of the largest providers, a jump of 46 per cent; 1,449 complaints against Rogers, a 10 per cent increase; and 337 complaints against Shaw, a jump of 120 per cent.

A video on the complaint resolution process can be seen here

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