After working like a dog for four years at McMaster University, Liam has retired to life as, well, a dog

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In fact, Liam became part of three different psychosocial research projects on campus to see if his presence helped reduce stress for students.

But Liam, 11, had a major health scare last November, and Romane decided it was time for him to retire from active duty.

His last day on the job was March 5, but there’s still a retirement party to come. No chocolate for him, though.

Even though Liam is still part of her personal life, his retirement is bittersweet for Romane.

“I cry all the time about it,” said Romane. “It was part of my professional identity for four years — I was the librarian with the dog.

“Now he’s just a regular house dog,” she added. “I hope he’s happy as a regular house dog.”

.Liam is a retiring therapy dog at Mills Library at McMaster University. | John Rennison, The Hamilton Spectator

It seems to be just as bittersweet for Liam.

“Every day he stands at the top of the stairs to see if he’s coming to work with me,” Romane said. “Now every day it’s ‘Nope, go back to bed.'”

Liam was unavailable for comment. He was sleeping. It seems he’s slowly adjusting to his new life.

Romane isn’t sure yet if the school will try to find a replacement for Liam. A suitable candidate has to be trained and associated with the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA.

It would also require a staff member with a certain amount of schedule flexibility.

“For those days he was there, I never got any work done,” Romane said.

For those missing a Liam fix, fear not. He still has an active social media presence.

You can find him with the handles @liamatmac on Twitter and Instagram, and Liam at Mac on Facebook.