Road Test – 2020 Ford Super Duty F-250 XLT:F-250 Super Duty Benefits from new drive train

The dash is uncluttered with all instrumentation easily read and all controls within easy reach. All of the manual controls have been thoughtfully designed so that they are large enough to be operated while wearing gloves.

There is an abundance of storage throughout the cab that is both functional and large enough to contain tools and other larger objects. 

The front power seating is comfortable and offers the driver good all-round visibility, the 60/40 split rear seats can fold up giving even more space in the rear and now has a collapsible locking tray that sits under the rear seats for securing valuables. 

The optional power rear sliding window that was on this particular model came in at a hefty $550.

This F-250 came with the optional Navigation System at $800 as well as Sync3 and FordPass Connect 4G Wi-Fi Modem. 

Under the hood was where the biggest changes were made for the 2020 model.

This XLT came with the new optional ($2,750) 7.3-litre V8 gasoline engine that is mounted to a new super-smooth 10-speed automatic transmission that puts the 430 hp and 475 lb/ft of torque to the wheels by means of a 4×4 system.

Engaging four-wheel-drive is still done by means of a dial that gives the option of rear-wheel drive, four-wheel-drive high and four-wheel-drive low. By pulling out the same knob it locks the rear differential for a 50/50 power split to each rear wheel.

New for the 2020 model is the addition of five drive modes that help the driver select a specific mode for different terrains or driving conditions.

The five modes are normal, tow/haul, eco, slippery, and deep sand/snow and are easily engaged by means of a button on the end of the gear shifter. 

Getting in and out of the cab is made much easier with the addition of the side steps that come as part of the XLT Premium Package that also adds; adjustable pedals, fog lamps, 18-inch aluminum wheels, reverse sensing system and heated front seats, again this package comes in at a hefty $2,990.

The new 7.3-litre gas engine starts with a meaningful grunt that immediately tells you it means business.  

I was surprised at how agile the big engine was when pulling away in such a big truck, the new 10-speed transmission was flawless going both up and down the gears.

At highway speeds the truck did use all 10 gears and cruised along in tenth with no gear hunting at all when the truck was empty.

I did have to adjust my driving slightly and became far more aware of my surroundings especially when driving in town. The truck takes up most of the lane making maneuvering that little bit tighter.

In a regular mall parking lots, I did find myself hunting for parking away from other vehicles as having cars parked either side could have made it difficult opening the doors to get in or out.

The exterior mirrors are powered and telescoping adding peace of mind when trailering wider loads. The 360-degree camera made reversing maneuvers that much easier. It also came with Ford’s UTT Pro Trailer back up assist camera, which I think is essential when having to hook up to the heavy loads this truck will pull.

I was a bit apprehensive about driving such a large truck around at first but after a couple of days and I had become used to the size driving around seemed normal. 

This truck handles itself admirably on the highway with plenty of pick-up to keep you in line with other traffic and once I had gotten used to the size was easily handled in an urban environment.

Obviously, a truck this size isn’t practical for everyone but, for those that need to move heavy loads for business or pleasure, this is definitely the option to be able to do it with ease and in comfort.