MINI Canada launches Virtual Meetings for fans of the brand:Mini offers virtual meets for fans

A unique element of the program that is expected to bring in MINI fans from around the world is a series of live-stream interviews with influential characters from MINI’s 60 year history. 

This MINI knowledge, history and lore will be shared through “Cooper’s Corner,” hosted by none other than Charlie Cooper, grandson of John Cooper, the man who transformed the Classic Mini into an agile track and rally racer and earned three wins at the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally between 1964 and 1967.  

Charlie played a part in furthering his grandfather’s legacy by helping his father, Mike Cooper, create and launch MINI “John Cooper Works” – a name now synonymous with MINI’s passion for motorsport and high-performance tuning.

MINI Virtual Meetups Hot Topics coming up are:

• Sunday, May 17th:  Charlie Cooper speaks with his father, Mike Cooper, about building the MINI John Cooper Works dynasty.  A surprise guest will also make an appearance in this inaugural episode.

• Sunday, May 24th:  In this edition of Cooper’s Corner, Charlie Cooper speaks to Frank Stephenson, the car designer who played a pivotal role in MINI’s 2001 reboot.

• Sunday, May 31st:  Charlie takes a peek inside the adrenaline-fueled mind of Carlos Sainz, the rally driver who recently won the Dakar Rally for the third time, and this time in a MINI John Cooper Works Buggy!

• To spice things up in the kitchen, join Canadian celebrity chef and many-times-over MINI owner Lynn Crawford as she serves up some of her renowned “elevated comfort food” on May 26th.

• Cassie Day, a Toronto-based athlete, nutrition fiend, and fitness personality, will host a live exercise class on May 13th.

• Kids’ TV entertainer and native British Columbian Will’s Jams will expend some of the little humans’ energy in a live session on May 19th.

• A donut demonstration will be offered by Haligonian and MasterChef Canada runner-up Andy Hay on May 26th.   

• Do you miss going to the movies?  MINI does.  So, a drive-in at home is being arranged for Friday, May 22nd as a Netflix screening party.

• Missing the barber or stylist a wee bit?  Tune in for Haircare 101 on Friday, May 29th.

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