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Lost in machine translation? Call on Jeenie

Travel can be stressful. From long-haul flights and lack of sleep to explaining your dietary requirements and negotiating ground transportation, the last thing you need is to get lost. Lost on the way to the hotel or, for that matter, lost in translation.

Thanks SAS, but not only travellers deserve simplicity!

Why apply physics to business? As a theoretical physicist who continues to be amazed, inspired and delighted by science, the answer revealed itself recently in Stockholm airport of all places. Splashed across the screen of an automated online check-in machine installed by Scandinavian Airlines, Sweden’s national carrier, was...

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How ZingTrip is putting health at the heart of business travel

ZingTrip, the winner of the EyeforTravel North America start-up award, is looking to make business travel a healthier experience.

Compared with previous generations, people today are far more conscious about health and fitness, and they are also travelling a whole lot more. “But the problem,” says ZingTrip founder Tyler...

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