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Costco lures middle-income travellers to make a play for OTA market share

Could an established player from the world of wholesale online merchandising be a new force to be reckoned with in online travel? Sally White reports

The online travel agents (OTAs) could have done without it, but there is a fast-growing new player on their block.The US membership-only wholesale club group, Costco, has spotted what its...

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Sassy, cosmopolitan Rose – the bot with brand power

Rose, the concierge chatbot of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, has delivered on her initial vision to drive more direct bookings, and will soon be linked to the hotel's loyalty programme. Pamela Whitby finds out more

When The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas decided to invest in a chatbot concierge back in 2016, there was a...

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Why using customer wealth data is a tricky business

Tom Bacon considers how customer wealth data should and should not be used

A recent Travel Weekly article suggested that travel suppliers could productively use customers’ personal wealth data to ‘price dynamically’. Most readers assumed the worst: travel suppliers could use individual financial information to exploit less price sensitive customers by extracting higher prices from...

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