Medical News Today: Alzheimer's: Aspirin may reduce toxic plaque

A new study published in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that regular intake of low-dose aspirin may prevent Alzheimer's pathology from forming in the brain and protect the memory of those living with this form of dementia.
senior woman taking aspirin
If replicated in humans, the results of the new research will...
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Councillor, residents ask people to leave nesting turtles alone

Stoney Creek Coun. Maria Pearson and some residents in the Frances Avenue area are asking people to avoid disturbing nesting snapping turtles as they make their way to lay their eggs.

"It would be great if people just left them alone unless they are in danger," said resident Joan Sopko.

During this time of...

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Hamilton project gets newcomer nurses jobs at local hospitals

"It's so much different from what I learned before," he said. "But now, I feel really comfortable in the job and I'm happy with it."

So far, 457 graduates of the program are working in nursing, including 142 at HHS.

"Canada is a very diverse country and diversity in the health care system is...

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Medical News Today: What are Heberden's nodes?

Heberden's nodes are bony growths that develop on the finger joints, otherwise known as the interphalangeal joints. They most commonly develop on the joints nearest to the fingertips and can cause the fingers to appear crooked.

Heberden's nodes only develop in people who have osteoarthritis, or OA, which is a degenerative bone condition. These growths can...

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