Ride-sharing law a year away in B.C.

VICTORIA — Legislation allowing ride-sharing in British Columbia is a year away after the province hired an expert today to consult on the best way forward.

Transportation Minister Claire Trevena says Dan Hara, who has over two decades of experience, will consult and prepare the taxi industry for services like Uber and Lyft.

Trevena says Hara will...

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Accused kidnapper says he was coerced

OTTAWA — A man accused of holding Amanda Lindhout hostage in Somalia says he was threatened with death if he didn't help the gang that seized her nine years ago.

Testifying Monday in Ontario Superior Court, Ali Omar Ader said he had no role in the plan to kidnap Lindhout, who was working as a journalist...

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Barriers would save lives on the Linc and Red Hill, say grieving families

Kim Lackie's sobs are out of control when she tells the story of her son's death on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway.

But on Monday, she told the story anyway.

She was among four families urging councillors to put centre median barriers on the Red Hill Valley and Lincoln Alexander Parkways.

All of them had children who died on the roads..

Lackie's son...

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