Monthly Archives: July 2018

Ex Toronto cop Blair wins cabinet promotion

"The best response is when all three levels of government come together," Blair said after being sworn in at Rideau Hall.

"I look forward for the opportunity to work with the provinces, territories, and with the municipalities across the country to address that concern."

In Washington, as Blair tries to stem to flow of...

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Hicks to play Meridian Centre Nov. 16

Niagara country star Tim Hicks is bringing the party home in November.

The Niagara Falls singer will play the Meridian Centre arena in St. Catharines Nov. 16 as part of his Get Loud Tour. Tickets range from $40.50 to $56 and go on sale noon Thursday at and, and noon Friday...

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Canadian consecrated virgins welcome Vatican directive

TORONTO — Rose Marie Fowler was in her 40s when she decided to live a life in the service of God, becoming what the Catholic Church calls a consecrated virgin.

It was a deeply personal decision reached after years of contemplation, she says.

Now 81, having kept her vow consistently, the Edmonton resident is...

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Coroner testifies at Wettlaufer inquiry

During Wednesday's testimony, George said he did not have specific recollections of Pickering's case. Nor did he maintain notes on why he declined to investigate, contrary to a mandate from the Chief Coroner's office.

But he said based on the information available at the time, he still would have reached the same conclusion.


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